Happiness is Making it Independence Day Every Day

 Making A Declaration

They took a stand. They said “no more!” No to oppression. “We will not be limited and we will not forfeit our right to happiness,” they said, “and no more giving up our power to choose the life we want.” 

The authors of the Declaration of Independence  put themselves at risk and in harm’s way. And they faced separation from friends and loved ones they might lose favor with. 

They wanted freedom that much. 

How about you?

How much do you want your personal freedom – your ability to determine the life you want? How will you get it?

Your personal freedom – your ability to choose your happiness is not something you need purchase or even develop. As the writers of the declaration said in the most famous sentence in US history: 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I say:
Your freedom is your right! And your power to create that life is your spiritual inheritance. 

Reclaim your freedom now! Declare your independence today, and everyday, from limitation and discontent. Say “no” to living for the approval of others. Say “no” to letting your fear keep you from going for what’s important to you. Say “no” to holding back. Say “yes” to speaking your true voice and expressing your magnificent authentic self. 

Some have said the cost of freedom is vigilance. Your freedom to be is won in small battles with your ego. So to be free you must be vigilant and determined. You must say “no” to self-criticism whenever it arises and say “yes” to self-compassion at every opportunity. 

You must say “no” to compromising your integrity in times of hard choices and say “yes” to living your values. You must separate yourself from fear and doubt in the face of challenge or change and trust your intuition. Say “no” to a job that promises the illusion of security and guaranteed misery and say”yes” to your passion and doing the right thing.

As you assert the truth of your freedom, your self-esteem and self-worth will naturally rise and your self-confidence will be expressed in a mindful way of being, ease and peace of mind.

Take back your power. 

Declare your independence – today and every day!

And choose your happiness now!

Joseph Liberti, President of EQ At Work coaches leaders and coaches to liberate the power and creativity of their authentic self. For a free, printable copy of your personal declaration of independence and a coupon for free coaching go to

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Leaving Home – Young Adult Women Finding Independence

I see many young adult women in counseling who have left home for the first time. This time of transition is very important in getting “launched” into adult life. Going through changes like leaving home, moving, starting a new job, can sometimes bring on depression. There are so many adjustments to be made and changes, even good ones can be stressful and anxiety producing. The losses involved in letting go of the security of family, home, old friends can bring up depression, feelings of insecurity, and fear of the future. Signs of depression could include problems with eating and sleeping, either too much or too little, difficulty concentrating, low mood, crying, and irritability.

Sometimes these thoughts and feeling pass on their own and sometimes getting help is very useful. San Francisco is a place many young people come when they are getting started in adult life on their own. The costs for living expenses are so high that many young women find themselves in roommate situations, or if they can afford it, have small studio apartments. Some people take the opportunity to try living with their significant other. In any situation, life after leaving your parent’s home will have joys and challenges. You might find yourself feeling much more homesick than you expected. You might notice that having roommates is far different from having your parents there to help when sibling conflicts came up.

Or, you might feel happy to be away from home, with some guilt about that perhaps. Sometimes you can have the realization that your family did not prepare you very well for life on your own, or you may have already known this. If you are trying to solidify a serious relationship by living together, there can be unexpected bumps as you learn to negotiate the differences in how you related to each other when home doesn’t have the space of two separate living arrangements. And sometimes a couple will also have roommates to contend with, adding complexity to your situation.

When young adults come into therapy, it is often after a newly tried experience didn’t work out, such as a failed relationship or a job that isn’t working. That can feel so discouraging. Also, your relationship with your family may be more complicating than supportive.

It is very important to remember that experiences felt as “failures” can actually be part of the independence learning curve. You might notice that you are having trouble bringing your drinking down after a lot of college partying. Or that you are irritable and anxious about how to “prove” yourself in the world. And with so much economic trauma going on in our country right now, it is a very stressful time to be in the launching phase of your life.

Getting therapy can be very helpful. You might be able to have a few meetings to talk about your situation and feel a lot better. Sometimes there are ongoing issues such as an eating disorder or history of depression that can use more help. If you are thinking of asking your parents for economic support for therapy, or they have offered it, one recommendation I have is to see if there is some way for you to pay for a part of the therapy from your own money, even if it is just $ 5-$ 10. You might find this a hard concept, but I think it is a way to foster the road to your independence. In addition, sometimes there are complicating factors involved in having your parents pay, and these can be discussed at the beginning meetings to understand what would work best for you.

Phyllis Klein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with private practices in San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA. She specializes in working with eating disorders and recovering from childhood abuse. In addition, Phyllis is a Certified Poetry Therapist with the ability to use writing and poetry for healing in the therapeutic process. You can reach Phyllis through her website: http://www.womenstherapyservices.com or through email staff@womenstherapyservices.com or by phone 415-281-0828.

Financial Independence – Can it Be Achieved in This Economy?

I think most people when asked if they would like financial independence say yes. The problem is that most people will then do nothing about it. There are going to be thousands and thousands of people around the world this year that start a home based business and fail. There will be those that only dream about starting a home based business. Then there will be those few that succeed. What makes the difference? Mindset, education and action.

You have to have the correct mindset to succeed. Are you always worried about the choices that you make and that you will fail? Failure is just a teacher of what not to do. Are you worried you don’t or won’t have enough money to start or operate a business? Make changes in your life. I’ll be there are many things you spend your money on that you don’t need. I buy HBO on my cable, but I never watch it. I could put that money towards a business. I don’t need that $ 3.00 latte everyday either. There’s money around if you look for it. You have to position your mind towards success, and visualize that result. See yourself where you want to be, and write those goals down.

Great, now what? You’ve got to educate yourself. There are many different opportunities out there. You’ve got to do your research, gather as much information as possible, and make an informed decision. You should look for an opportunity that is proven, turn key, automated, provides education, real people and business mentors, and has a good upfront and residual income.

Lastly, you’ve got to take action. If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve done your research, you’ve made a business decision, and you’ve invested time and/or money. If you have done this properly, you have found a business system that you feel great about, and that will make you money if you are motivated and can follow directions. In the end, it’s your business and you are the one that has to take ownership of whether it sinks or swims. Nobody will do it for you.

Can Financial Independence be achieved in this economy? Absolutely, you just need to look for it, and educate yourself. I have been fortunate enough to find a home based business system that provides all of the criteria I’ve listed above. If you would like information on that, go to http://www.FindingWealthOnline.com

Russell (Blaze) Blais