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Welcome to Independence, Missouri! Situated in the center of the United States and part of one of the Midwest’s most dynamic metropolitan areas, Independence is a natural choice for businesses looking to expand or relocate. Independence is known for its impressive transportation network, available workforce, and competitive cost structures for conducting business. Business owners and executives will put their own spin on a quote by our most famous citizen, Harry Truman, and say, “the bucks start here!”

independence missouriThis site is brand new and is being developed and will be upgraded as a work in progress. The site and domain name is for sale, if we do not sell it we will continue to expand with additional resources and further jobs, employment and work opportunities as we go along.

Our objective is to build a Jobs resource website that covers all sorts of careers, including finance jobs, IT jobs, retail job opportunities, employment agency resources, internet jobs, jobs for graduates, part time jobs, online jobs and and other work and employment links.

Independence Careers

Among the most common occupations in Independence are Sales and office occupations, 26%. Management, professional, and related occupations, 25%. and Service occupations, 13%. Approximately 76 percent of workers in Independence, Missouri work for companies, 10 percent work for the government and 4 percent are self-employed.

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Of course we can’t all be lawyers, bankers or accountants or even electricians and plumbers and whilst we all know it’s very hard out there right now, we hope this site and it’s resources will give you some assistance, ideas, motivation, help and additional knowledge in enabling you to secure a new career, a new job, alternative employment new skills and possibly even a new place to live.

Vail Mansion, Independence MOThere are lots of jobs and work opportunities in the USA and all of the world for all sorts of employment, including financial analyst, physical therapy assistant, human resource assistant, pharmaceutical sales, clinical research assistant, financial controller, but come on lets get real the average person is more likely to be a sales coordinator, or sales assistant or store assistant rather than a business system analyst. RIGHT?

So what are going to do?

Within this site you will find local information and links to all sorts of work, employment and job opportunities this site uses Jobs Independance dot Com as an example of one of the places you could look to find a job however this site isn’t specific about one Town or City or even Country, it is about helping you get the position you are looking for, help you beat the completion for that job and ensuring you are on the top of the recruitment ladder.