Handicapped Vans Provide Independence and Freedom

In years past just leaving home was a challenge for those restricted to wheelchairs. Technology has certainly advanced with regard to wheelchairs, but it can still be difficult to leave home if you are wheelchair bound. And when you are required to leave home, it often requires complete dependence on another person to help you in and out of a vehicle. This lack of independence can be detrimental to some, and is burdensome to most. Handicapped vans are changing that burden, improving mobility and giving the handicapped person back his or her independence.

When handicapped vans originated it required the conversion of a full-sized van. There were little amenities and mostly just a way in and out. Now, not only are full sized handicapped vans better, you can have a minivan converted for use by handicapped persons. Because of the necessities that must take place to make a van accessible by a wheelchair or handicapped person, they are often costly. But, that should be weighed against the independence and freedom provided to the handicapped person.

Converting Vans for Handicapped Use

Usually the floor in the van is lowered as much as 10 inches in order to provide the lowest angle possible for wheelchair ramps, as well as provide sufficient headroom for the person that remains in the wheelchair. In some instances the ceiling is also raised to provide for this additional headroom. Depending on whether it is intended for the wheelchair to be in one of the front seats, these seats are often modified so that they can be removed.

If the wheelchair bound person intends to travel while remaining in the wheelchair, then restraints must be installed in handicapped vans which allow the wheelchair to be locked into place. This also requires adding special locking brackets to the wheelchair. It is extremely unsafe to move a vehicle while a wheelchair is inside and not locked into place.

Once the van’s structure is modified, additions to the van usually occur. For instance, mobility lifts are usually installed to raise and lower the wheelchair into the handicapped van. Hand controls must be added if the handicapped person intends to also drive and does not have the requisite strength to operate modified foot controls.

Handicapped vans can make all the difference in a person’s life. The independence and freedom that comes with being able to easily travel alone or with the family makes the investment in a handicapped van worth every penny.

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