Financial Independence – Can it Be Achieved in This Economy?

I think most people when asked if they would like financial independence say yes. The problem is that most people will then do nothing about it. There are going to be thousands and thousands of people around the world this year that start a home based business and fail. There will be those that only dream about starting a home based business. Then there will be those few that succeed. What makes the difference? Mindset, education and action.

You have to have the correct mindset to succeed. Are you always worried about the choices that you make and that you will fail? Failure is just a teacher of what not to do. Are you worried you don’t or won’t have enough money to start or operate a business? Make changes in your life. I’ll be there are many things you spend your money on that you don’t need. I buy HBO on my cable, but I never watch it. I could put that money towards a business. I don’t need that $ 3.00 latte everyday either. There’s money around if you look for it. You have to position your mind towards success, and visualize that result. See yourself where you want to be, and write those goals down.

Great, now what? You’ve got to educate yourself. There are many different opportunities out there. You’ve got to do your research, gather as much information as possible, and make an informed decision. You should look for an opportunity that is proven, turn key, automated, provides education, real people and business mentors, and has a good upfront and residual income.

Lastly, you’ve got to take action. If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve done your research, you’ve made a business decision, and you’ve invested time and/or money. If you have done this properly, you have found a business system that you feel great about, and that will make you money if you are motivated and can follow directions. In the end, it’s your business and you are the one that has to take ownership of whether it sinks or swims. Nobody will do it for you.

Can Financial Independence be achieved in this economy? Absolutely, you just need to look for it, and educate yourself. I have been fortunate enough to find a home based business system that provides all of the criteria I’ve listed above. If you would like information on that, go to

Russell (Blaze) Blais

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